Meet Our Animals


The Llama Farm is home to Queensland’s largest herd of llamas. Due to llamas being induced ovulators, meaning that the females don’t have a breeding season or come into ‘heat’, males are kept separately from females. Consequently, we have two distinct herds on the farm that you can interact with.

Our breeding program is done purposefully with deliberate matings of specific animals for type and temperament. The babies, known as cria (pronounced kree-ah) are miniature versions of their parents and very cute too. Please keep an eye on our social pages for births and new faces in the herd.

Visitors can interact with our llamas by feeding or walking them. Many a ‘selfie’ has been taken at The Llama Farm with guests surrounded by a herd of llamas, hand feeding them and enjoying an experience that can’t be had anywhere else on such a scale.



Our donkeys are real characters. All of our donkeys have names beginning with the letter D to stick with a theme. We breed two different donkey breeds being the larger Australian Teamster and smaller Irish donkeys. Duncan and Dominic are our two handsome Australian Teamster jacks with their girlfriends, Daphne and Delores. Dudley is our Irish jack and his jennies are Doris, Dixie and Daisy. We are expecting foals to be born during the year so you might be lucky enough to visit when they are here.

Guests can pat and feed our donkeys and pose for photographs with them.


Miniature Ponies

Our miniature ponies love visitors! They will stand with you to be patted for as long as you’re prepared to be there. Ike and Boots are the parents of Charlie while Molly is a best friend to Boots. Our newest addition is Boot’s very handsome little colt foal, Rocket who was born in November 2020. He’s a huge hit with guests and is as cute as a button. Being a miniature pony, they are smaller than Shetland ponies and not as nippy. Boots and Ike have regularly visited schools and attended the local Ipswich Show for interactions with the public.

Guests get to hand feed our ponies, pat, brush and pose with them in their paddock.


Miniature Goats

The newest kids on the farm – literally. Having been bred locally in Purga, our 4 miniature goats are bouncing, bundles of fun. They are kept company by our 2 Maremma guardian dogs, Lucy and Lola who tolerate their shenanigans while keeping them safe from potential predators. As our goats have all been hand-raised, they thrive on human attention and company.



We never anticipated having sheep on our farm but alas we do. Each of our 4 castrated rams found us because of different circumstances that required intervention. Adam (Lambert) was a loved family pet that needed to be re-homed due to a change in his family. Panda and Kenny are both ex-animal nursery, mature sheep that were due to be returned to their farm for slaughter and Omo was an orphaned lamb that needed some tender loving care and bottle raising due to his rough start in life. Needless to say, we are glad they all now call The Llama Farm home as we greatly enjoy their company.

Guests get to pat and interact with our fleecy foursome. Make sure you check out their tails, especially Adam’s!



With domestic rabbits being illegal as pets in Queensland, most people do not see a rabbit let alone touch one. That can all change with a visit to our farm as you will not only meet but also touch our gorgeous Flemish Giant rabbits – Floppsy, Moppsy, Toffee and Pepper. Flemish Giants are one of the oldest and largest breeds of rabbits in the world. Weighing in at 7+ kilograms, Flemish Giants are a very docile breed of rabbit. Our big bunnies always bring a smile to people’s faces because of their sheer size and overwhelming cuteness.

Guests get to have a photograph with some of our Flemish Giant rabbits during our Faces of the Farm tour experience.



Our 3 dromedary or ‘lumpy’ llamas as Shane calls them are Varian, Clyde and Cindy. The Dromedary is the largest member of the camelids (family Camelidae), which the llama and alpaca also belong to. Our two young males come from the camel dairying industry and love a cuddle and carrot. Cindy is an ex-circus camel who travelled Australia entertaining thousands of people as part of a four camel act. She was retired and now calls The Llama Farm home.

Guests get to meet, feed and pat our delightful dromedaries when visiting the farm. Camel cuddles are the best and our three can’t wait to let you cuddle them. Don’t let their gigantic size put you off. They are gentle giants that love interacting with guests.



The Llama Farm is home to a variety of colourful and friendly poultry that were mostly bred on the farm. We have a flock of peafowl that always catch the eye of visitors with the male’s debonair colours. You might be lucky enough to see one of our peacocks with his tail fanned to impress the peahens. We let our peafowl and guinea fowl flocks free-range the farm year-round except for the breeding season in Spring. Our Chinese Geese look fascinating with their unusual heads and our bachelor flock of turkey gobblers are always a hit with visitors. Our chickens are the friendliest that you’ll ever meet.

Guests can hand feed all of our poultry as they are very tame. You can try your luck at getting the turkeys to gobble back at you by calling out to them. It always makes for a fun video to show your friends.



No farm is complete without a working dog or two. Lucy and Lola are our resident livestock guardians at The Llama Farm. They are litter sisters whose mother was a Maremma Sheepdog and father, a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. These 2 breeds are known for their unique ability to bond with different species to protect them from harm. Both of our girls have beautiful personalities and enjoy being patted by visitors. They keep watch over our animals for any potential predators like foxes, wild dogs and Wedge-tailed Eagles.