Is The Llama Farm wheelchair friendly?

Being a working farm that has many rolling hills with rocks and steep terrain, it is difficult to provide access to all areas. We can, upon request, try to accommodate you wherever possible. Please talk to us about your special circumstances.

Can I bring my dog to The Llama Farm?

No. We have our own dogs that do not appreciate strange dogs on the property. Llamas are also naturally wary of dogs and will attack them if they consider them to be a threat. We also have free ranging poultry that are very tempting for a dog to chase. Please leave your dog at home where it feels more comfortable. Registered assistance dogs are permitted subject to prior permission and notification.

Do llamas spit?

Yes they do but very rarely at people. Llamas will spit at each other as a form of communication about being in each other’s personal space. This usually happens around food or if they feel threatened in much the same way as a dog will growl at another dog. Llamas are naturally curious and gentle animals. Don’t worry about being spat at.

Are there snakes on your farm?

Yes there are. We are on 80 acres of land that is inhabited by a diverse range of wildlife. It is very unlikely that you will encounter a snake during your visit. As all tours are hosted, so you won’t be alone if you do. Snakes don’t like being around people so its unlikely you would see one.

Do you sell your llamas?

Reluctantly, yes we do. Please contact us for further details about what animals are available for sale. As much as we love our llamas, we cannot keep them all.

Do you sell your llama fleece?

Yes we do. It is sold raw for you to card and spin yourself. All of our llamas are sheared annually so there’s a chance that you might be able to buy a fleece from your favourite llama to turn into something special.

How far are you from Brisbane?

The Llama Farm is located 46 kilometers from the Queen Street Mall, which is roughly a 45-minute drive in good traffic conditions. Our front gate is 13 minutes from Riverlink Shopping Centre in Ipswich and 5 minutes drive from the Warrego Highway.

Do you sell food and snacks?

Not currently but we are hoping to in the future. We recommend that you bring your own if needed.

Is there mobile reception at The Llama Farm?

Yes there is. Mobile reception is usually very good. It can vary depending on the network provider you are with. We find that Telstra has the strongest signal across the farm.

Where do I park?

Parking is limited and you are encouraged to park on the grassed area inside the front gate.

Are there toilet facilities at The Llama Farm?

Yes there is. We have a purpose-built toilet block and hand washing area for you to use at your convenience.