Our Story

Shane’s passion for keeping llamas started in 1994 when he was responsible for looking after a small herd at a summer camp in the USA. They certainly left an impression on him because it would be another 21 years before his dream to own llamas would become a reality. In 2013, Shane established Southern Cross Llamas as his stud name with the arrival of his first 3 pregnant female llamas and the rest is history. His Southern Cross llama herd now numbers 70+ animals and is currently the largest llama herd in Queensland and is a member of the Llama Association of Australasia Inc.

After numerous prompts from friends and family to open the farm and its animals to the public, The Llama Farm was born as a rural tourism operation in Ipswich. It is located on an 80 acre property known as ‘Noble Farm’ which was named after the pioneering Noble family (nee Bell) who lived and worked the property over generations from the 1800’s. Set in some of the most picturesque rural country you will find on an urban doorstep, Noble Farm is steeped in history and character. The Nobles had a family dairy and small-cropping business, which put food on the table and roof over their heads. It was a basic yet fulfilling life for Erling, Evelyn and their 11 children. The original dairy still stands with all its rustic grandeur under the large fig trees for you to explore. The original homestead was completely off-grid and was deemed unlivable and fully recycled in 2015. The original, hand sawn hoop pine floorboards from the cottage are now a stunning feature wall in the new, modern farmhouse named ‘Bellfield’ and is another nod to the property’s long history.

Located in the city of Ipswich, nestled between beautiful Pine Mountain and the stunning Brisbane River, Noble Farm’s rolling hills are now covered in llamas instead of dairy cows and vegetables. The Llama Farm operates on the property to provide visitors with personalised, rural tourism experiences. The money raised from tourism goes 100% back to the animals by supporting our local businesses, farming families and contractors through purchasing their grain, hay, chaff, carrots, veterinary and other services.

Noble Farm is completely off the grid and entirely powered by solar energy. Rainwater is captured and stored for household use and river water is pumped and irrigated for the gardens, orchard, animals and pasture. All liquid waste is processed on site with only household refuse and recycling being removed from the property. When you visit The Llama Farm, you are definitely in a very green space beyond just the paddock.

Aside from llamas, The Llama Farm is also home to donkeys, miniature goats, sheep, miniature ponies, camels, rabbits, Maremma sheepdogs and numerous poultry including peafowl, guinea fowl, turkeys, chickens and Chinese Geese.