Being a working farm with an active breeding program, we release animals for sale from time to time. If you are interested in buying a llama, we strongly recommend that you acquire two, as they are happier with their own species for company. Please contact us to register your interest in buying a llama and to learn more about what animals we have available for sale.



We shear our llamas every spring during September. That’s a lot of fleece! If you are interested in buying a raw fleece to card and spin or felt, please have a chat with us. With as many llamas that we have, there is bound to be a natural colour suitable to your liking. Our fleece is sold as an entire fleece from the one animal.



Did you know that llama poo is high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium? It is very lightweight, doesn’t smell and easy to apply to your garden. It is in high demand from eager gardeners because it doesn’t need to be composted first meaning that it doesn’t burn your precious plants. It can be applied neat to your garden soil. Llama manure is not a fertilizer as such but more of a soil enhancer. One thing is for sure; your plants will thrive with llama poo! We sell it in recycled feedbags tied with bailing twine for that authentic farm look. It is not screened or processed for debris and is as natural as it can get. With llamas being relatively rare, very few places can supply llama manure to the average garden enthusiast. Llama poo is the new black!