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We offer a range of farm experiences to cater for your needs. Our product range is always growing as we discover new ways of giving our guests wonderful memories of their time with us. Whether it is a guided llama walking tour, a farm tour, Little Llama Farmers or llama husbandry workshop, you will find something to gain from your visit with us.

Faces of the Farm Tour

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Duration: 2 hours

When: 9am on weekends and during school holidays by booking only

Who: Open to all ages

You will have the opportunity to meet, pat and feed many of the animals that call The Llama Farm home. From our cheeky ponies to loveable llamas, your camera will get a workout as you get up, close and personal with our menagerie. You will learn about them and what it takes to care for each species as well as interesting stories about the various animals you encounter. This tour is fun for young and old alike.

Guided Llama Walks

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Duration: 2 hours

When: Saturday afternoons and during school holidays by booking only

Who: Ages 8yrs and up (Children must be accompanied by a walking adult. No unaccompanied minors). Reasonable fitness required due to the hilly terrain.

Embrace your inner llama farmer with this memorable experience of walking a llama around our farm. You will learn about their basic husbandry, personal story, our farm and the local history while on a guided walk with your very own llama. Llamas don’t bite and are very gentle animals that enjoy your company, making the time spent with them very relaxing and pleasurable. Life is definitely calmer with a llama!

Little Llama Farmers

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Duration: 2 hours

When: School holidays by booking only. Dates vary.

Who: Children under 18 years

Your child will learn about llamas and our other farm animals, help do the chores, and take home some llama goodies. It’s a hands-on children’s workshop that will bring a smile to your child’s face. If your child is llama crazy then this experience will excite them beyond words. After all, it’s not every day that you get to hang out with your favourite animal.